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Food & Beverage Ingredients
Food & Beverage Ingredients

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PURPLE SWEET POTATO POWDER is consisting of high quality, freshly harvested, mature purple sweet potato which have been washed, trimmed, precisely diced and milled. PURPLE SWEET POTATO POWDER is not grown from Genetically Modified seeds. After final drying step and prior to packaging, product is inspected and passed through magnets, metal detectors and X-ray inspector to remove ferrous and non-ferrous metallic contamination.
Food & Beverage Ingredients
DEHYDRATED CELERY 2-3 MM is a Celery Flakes that always start with whole fresh celery. DEHYDRATED CELERY 2-3 MM is easy to add celery’s bright color and balanced flavor to stuffings, potato salads, soups and more.
Food & Beverage Ingredients