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PUKRAJ ADDITIVES is a partner supplier of DKSH, helping to provide specialty chemicals and raw materials to our B2B customers. Find out what products are offered here. 

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ZINCOLET 40P is a premium-quality, high-performance zinc oxide dispersant designed to optimize the dispersion and performance of zinc oxide in a wide range of applications. This product is perfect for those looking to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their zinc oxide use.

With its advanced formula, ZINCOLET 40P ensures uniform and consistent dispersion of zinc oxide in your applications, leading to improved performance, enhanced product stability, and reduced costs. Whether you're working in the paint and coating industry, rubber production, or any other application that requires zinc oxide, ZINCOLET 40P is the solution you need.

In addition to its performance benefits, ZINCOLET 40P is also easy to use and cost-effective. Simply add it to your zinc oxide formulation, and watch as it improves your final product.

At PUKRAJ ADDITIVES, we are committed to providing the highest-quality products to our customers. That's why we use only the best ingredients in our products and rigorously test them to ensure their performance and reliability.