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About Edward Keller Philippines, Inc.

Edward Keller Philippines, Inc. (EKPI) is a food manufacturing specialist of DKSH, the leading Market Expansion Services provider with focus in Asia.

Established in 1887, EKPI provides customers with customized products and value-added services for both domestic and export markets.

We offer a range of manufacturing options for both dehydrated blends to liquid processing in bulk and unitized packaging formats.

Through the extensive industry network and Market Expansion Services offered by DKSH, we provide sourcing, product formulation, R&D, regulatory compliance, custom and/or toll manufacturing to brand owners, quality assurance, sales and marketing, supply chain services serving domestic and international markets in Asia, North America and Europe. 

Working with us offers your products the global reach they deserve.


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Luna Bake Extend is a multi enzyme blend of bread improver system to be utilized as a processing aid in bread and other bakery products in order to improve the bread softness, texture, freshness and volume stability as well.
Luna Bake AS is a mixture of maltogenic amylase and bulking agent added to breads as a processing aid in order to improve softness, resilience and moistness throughout the storage, thereby keeping it fresh and extending its shelf life.