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    SYLOID® XDP 3050 is a highly effective excipient for pharmaceutical applications that delivers superior performance and versatility. This engineered, highly porous silica excipient is designed to deliver superior flowability, compressibility, and adsorption properties to a variety of pharmaceutical formulations. SYLOID® XDP 3050 is an excellent choice for drug formulations that require consistent flow properties, improved compressibility, and higher active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) loading. Its unique morphology and high surface area provide excellent binding and adsorption properties, making it ideal for use in solid oral dosage forms, such as tablets and capsules. In addition to its exceptional performance, SYLOID® XDP 3050 is also highly compatible with a wide range of pharmaceutical ingredients and manufacturing processes. Its ability to improve the quality and consistency of pharmaceutical formulations while reducing production costs makes it a highly valuable and versatile excipient for the pharmaceutical industry.

    SYLOID 161 is a matting agent from amorphous silica with special organic treatment, appearing as white free flowing powder. SYLOID® 161 is a medium porosity matting agent with appropriate matting efficiency. Due to its favourable particle size and organic treatment, following adequate dispersion it imparts excellent surface properties to the coating film. Key Application: furniture coatings, decorative paints, wood stains, wood coatings, air and oven dried industrial coatings.